• Amp Channel Footswitch w/ LED (9v Input)

    The latching footswitch¬†with status LED indicators¬†to be used to change amplifier channels or effects on the majority of amplifiers on the market like Fender, Marshal, Laney (not Peavey). If you are unsure of compatibility, please contact us first. The LED is only powered via the Boss style 2.1mm 9v socket. Requires a standard mono cable […]

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  • Volume Preset Pedal

    The Volume Preset pedal is used to switch between a bypassed volume and a preset lower level. The knob works just like the volume knob on your guitar. This is great for presetting a lower volume, for example for rhythm playing, and switching to your bypass level for lead parts or overdriving your amp. When […]

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  • Mini Dual Preset Expression Pedal – Line 6

    The Mini Dual Preset Expression Pedal is a compact pedal with a mono input to control Line 6 pedals with an expression input. The foot switch allows you to switch between the expression setting. All you need is a standard patch cable to connect it to your pedal

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  • Stereo Splitter Mute Switch Pedal

    The Stereo Splitter Mute Switch pedal is used to split your stereo signal into A (Tip) and B (Ring) and gives you the ability to mute that signal coming in. When powered the Red LED is lit when the signal is muted. This pedal is completely passive and needs no power to operate. The only […]

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